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6/2 - 7/29, 2017: Artists First "Variation and Adaptations"

Free & open to the public during gallery hours
Opening Reception on 6/2 during First Fridays (6-9pm)

6/2 - 7/29, 2017: Artists First

Artists First
"Variations and Adaptations"

On display June 2 - July 29, 2017
Opening reception of June 2, 2017 during First Fridays (6-9pm)

Artist Statement
Our artists create artwork that is fresh and thoughtful, spontaneous and insightful, and like all serious artists, their work is self-directed and created from concept to completion. Artists First facilitators are in the studio to assist, encourage, advise, and inspire in order to promote each artists personal growth. They utilize a minimal touch philosophy, meaning facilitators only touch A1 artist’s artwork when it is necessitated by the needs of the individual artist. The minimal touch philosophy guides the facilitators in assuring that A1 artists’ work is created by the artists themselves and not through a collaborative effort with the facilitators.

Artists First’s principles articulate our approach to conducting work every day: We show respect for all individuals

The interests of organization and the individual are inseparable We are strategically focused on our work.

We value personal mastery.

Mutual interdependency is a way of life.

Artists First’s values reflect the behaviors that shape the tone of how we work with each other as well as with the larger community.

We believe in ART: Acceptance, Respect, Trust