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11/3 - 12/30, 2017: Kat Douglas & Sukanya Mani "Reflections"

Free & open to the public during gallery hours
Opening Reception on 11/3 during First Fridays (6-9pm)

11/3 - 12/30, 2017: Kat Douglas & Sukanya Mani

Kat Douglas & Sukanya Mani

On display November 3 - December 30, 2017
Opening Reception on 11/3 during First Fridays (6-9pm)

Artist Statement
This is a collaborative art installation by two local St Louis Artists- Sukanya Mani and Kat Douglas. The idea combines visual and auditory media to give the viewer an interactive storytelling experience. It touches on both the complex narratives of the St. Louis community, as well as the broader story of our human existence.

Visual component: Artist Sukanya Mani uses ancient art forms from around the world to portray nature, people and contemporary objects in a very simplistic format. She calls her paintings “graphic stories.” These are non-intimidating pieces of art that invite multiple generations to seek their own personal stories.

This body of work will be an exploration of stories in St Louis through the lens of multiple ancient art forms- Ancient Indian and Aboriginal art telling a modern American story.

Audio Component: Artist Kat Douglas uses touch sensitive paint and circuit boards to create intimate storytelling experiences. By allowing the viewers to touch the work and hear individual stories, it creates empathetic pathways across diverse communities.

This body of work will explore four themes in the St. Louis area through sound. The recording will be made in the very neighborhoods around the Kranzberg and address the four themes of Mani’s St. Louis stories.