4/14: The Talking Cure Project Speaks

$15 General Admission

4/14: The Talking Cure Project Speaks

Upstream Theatre
"The Talking Cure Project Speaks"

April 14, 2018
$15 General Admission

The Talking Cure Project SPEAKS, A World Premier Piece of Performance Art, adds the element of live theatre to Melissa Stern's moving mixed media project The Talking Cure, on exhibit at the Kranzberg Arts Center Gallery through May 19, 2018. Expanding on Stern’s original project, St Lou Fringe asked a mix of 12 national and local artists, activists, and educators to create a personal reflection and response to one of the exhibition sculptures. These responses will be performed on April 14th, and attendees are encouraged to view the gallery exhibition prior to attending the show. The exhibit will open at 7 p.m., with the show starting at 8 p.m.

Participants include:
Matthew R. Kerns, Executive Director, St Lou Fringe, St Louis
Amanda Wells, FLOW, St Louis
Bradley Rolfe, Professional Actor, St Louis
Karen Jones, Sunday Jones, St Louis
Monica Dionysiou, Performance Artist, Colorado
Laura Kozak, President & CEO, Grace Hill Settlement House, St Louis
Carol Blanchard, Professional Costumer, Chicago, Illinois
Marc Devine, Professor of Theatre, Ball State University, Indiana
Jackie Chambers, Playwright, St Louis
Taylor Gruenloh, Artistic Director, Tesseract Theatre Company, St Louis
Kim Kepler, Writer, St Louis
Kevin Bowman, Theatre Technician, St Louis