2/5 - 3/13, 2016: Axi: Ome presents "Art Walk"

Free & open to the public during gallery hours

2/5 - 3/13, 2016: Axi: Ome presents

Axi: Ome
“Art Walk”

On dispay February 5 - March 13, 2016

Witness Grand Center re-imagined when visionary design team Axi: Ome presents “Art Walk” – an exploration of transformative urban planning.

Art surrounds us in the phenomena of our built and natural environment.  The current condition of Grand Center allows few moments of connectivity and sense of continuity between urban spaces.  Art Walk is a scale model project that joins several art and media institutions in Grand Center. By evoking a heightened sense of the site (subtle sounds of the wind, presence of the sky, partial views of facades, sense of the topography and seasonal changes) Art Walk encourages pedestrians to be observers and interface with the uniqueness of each urban setting. See architecture respond to the beauty and challenges of the varied building façades, and interface with elements of landscape and industrial design.  Art Walk reveals the unlimited potential of Grand Center, when the lines between art, architecture, and the natural world blur in an extraordinary and optimistic vision. 

About Axi:Ome

Axi:Ome was formed in 2001 in Providence Rhode Island as an architectural research practice evolving from the public media projects of Sung Ho Kim. Heather Woofter joined in St. Louis Missouri in 2003 with eight years in full time architectural practice. Since then, Sung Ho and Heather balance teaching with design practice, working with a variety of partners to help shape innovative design solutions. Their work focuses on the concept that a building's spatial form and innovation are inextricably woven to one another and that architecture's progressive future lies in speculation, imagination, research and resolution of the intellectual development of design process. Visit