1/20 - 2/25, 2017: Bryce Robinson "Prime Beauty"

Free & open to the public during gallery hours
Artist Lecture on 2/12 (1-2pm)

1/20 - 2/25, 2017: Bryce Robinson

Bryce Robinson
"Prime Beauty"

On display January 20 - February 25, 2017
Artist Lecture on 2/12 (1-2pm)

Prime Beauty is a 3-dimensional installation that utilizes many different sculptural formats. The methods used are determined in the creation of the objects that the artist, Bryce Olen Robinson, has found most useful in conveying the ideas that he, the artist, wants to associate with them. Art is never about just one thing. It never can be and this is clear in his work. His ideas and solutions move quickly and freely, like free association in a physical form. He states, “As a dancing bee directs others to nectar, I am directing my own hive to the power of art as a means for reflection, reconciliation and rebirth.“

Bryce Olen Robinson grew up in Ferguson and has taught at Florissant Valley Community College. He now manages a sculpture facility at Washington University. He has lived, worked and studied in varied worlds of social norms and duties. And if you consider these varied life experiences it is easier to enter his visual field and understand the movement of the thoughts that direct his art. He wants to show you what he has witnessed, what he searches to discover in his examinations and what is left still unresolved. I see these investigations revealed by the varied materials and sculptural formats he selects for the objects he has created to speak to us. One time it is free standing sculpture, the next time, wall mounted, but always incorporating the use of collaged and multi-media devices. The materials used are metal, wood, found, random objects and they are organized, seemingly, just as randomly. It is if these puzzles were just solved with the only resources available in the exact moment of its creation. Sculpture, I think, suits his purpose perfectly because he wants the public to collide with his work in large ways and natural ways that jostle one’s consciousness.

There may have been a plan, there could have been a plan but this work needed to happen with or without one. It is the real urgency and necessity of life that emerges from the work. And that is what Mr. Robinson wants to discuss with you. Random but urgent events moving in and out of our lives and fleeting awareness and the lingering impact.
- Gallery Director, Diana Hansen

Artist Statement
I grew up in the now infamous community of Ferguson, Missouri. Through art and life, I continue to bear witness to the effects of racism and structural isolation. As an artist I am committed to both making things and making things happen. Today I am interested in the histories that have defined the nature of my community, my own human hive. Through sculpture and public practice I engage with networks beyond the studio, developing projects that expand the collaborative agency of artists and communities. I am tracing the injustice of structural segregation and it’s lasting effect on my hometown. I am investigating the concept and application of Emergence Theory, the process whereby complex structures and systems arise through the interaction of smaller simpler units. I am becoming an active participant in the construction of my own community. As a dancing bee directs others to nectar, I am directing my own hive to the power of art as a means for reflection, reconciliation and rebirth. 

Artist Bio
Bryce Olen Robinson received his Masters of Fine Art with emphasis in Sculpture and Public Practice from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to that he was the 2007 recipient of the Chairman’s Merit Portfolio Scholarship at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he received his BFA. Bryce is a native of Ferguson Missouri, and completed his foundational studies at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. Bryce has exhibited his large-scale sculpture and installation work both locally and nationally. His most recent solo exhibitions were held at the University of Rochester, Hartnett Gallery in Rochester NY and at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. Bryce is the founder and Director of Jeske Sculpture Park in Ferguson, Missouri. The 7-acre sculpture park features rotating 2-year exhibitions of outdoor sculpture from across the United States.

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