1/4 - 26: CEL Presents [IM]PERSONAL CITY

Free & open to the public during gallery hours

1/4 - 26: CEL Presents [IM]PERSONAL CITY

Opening Reception January 4th at 5PM

Art in the ordinary of everyday [urban]life, is the binding theme in the collection of photographs in this first time exhibition by award-winning photographer Edward Tsimerman, who has traveled to 22 countries on his photographic journey. The selected photos in this exhibition are from 7 countries taken in a period of 5 years.

Edward Tsimerman has honed his skills as a talented photographer, participating in workshops by leading Magnum photographers such as: David Alan Harvey, Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden, Alex Webb, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, and Mark Power. He has participated in exhibitions in the United States and Russia, and has been top-ranking in several significant street photography competitions including the Miami Street Photography Festival Contest at Art Basel Miami 2016 and the 2017 StreetFoto San Francisco competition.

Edward Tsimerman grew up in the Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan with an interest in design and the arts instilled by his maternal grandfather, a noted Soviet modernist architect Aleksandr Faynleyb. He immigrated to the United States in St. Louis, Missouri when he was 18 years old, and soon after started his Master’s of Architecture program, completed in 2007. Besides being a photographer, Tsimerman also runs his own property development company, which he started last year after 6+ years working for architectural firms in St. Louis area in parallel to following his passion for photography. He continues to document his travels and hopes to share his images for years to come.

My work explores my relationship as a photographer capturing ordinary moments in the lives of others in urban

environments. My late grandfather, a noted modernist architect in the Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan, and my great Magnum photographer mentors and instructors have had great influence on my technique. I am interested in capturing the tension between the modern-life in the traditional city setting as backdrop. Ever since childhood, I have been fascinated by the camera and photographic process. Recently returning to film photography after years of shooting digital, I find this process resonates with a quality that aids in my hope to express that everyday life is, in fact, art.