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The Kranzberg Arts Center is looking for outstanding, socially relevant works to showcase in its Grand Center Gallery.

Over the past year, St. Louis has been forced to take stock of injustice within our community, and our society as a whole. Now, more than ever, there is a hunger for art that speaks from this turbulence, as people grapple to make sense of the chaos that floods our news media everyday. The challenges that face us both as individuals, and as a community working for the greater good, can feel insurmountable.

Great art has the power to effect change. It provokes us, challenging us to think and feel at the moments when we most want to look away. It ignites conversation, and can inspire the moment when we finally see ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes, it is a reflection of an experience so intimate; we realize that we are not alone. This is a call to action. The Kranzberg Arts Center is looking for artists whose work will engage with our community in profound, meaningful ways; artists who reflect the diversity of our city, and who don’t shy away from the struggles of our times; artists whose work embodies innovation in thought and form. Your art is a catalyst, a conduit, a voice louder than words, and your vision has the power to inspire change.

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